Fact File: 


WHat is it for:

Niacinamide helps to enhance the appearance of blemish-prone skin by refining pore size, improving uneven skin texture and reducing redness.

When to use:

AM and PM – daily 

Active ingredient benefits:

Skin Barrier Strengthening

Improving the strength of the skin barrier can help to improve water retention and prevent irritants from causing skin redness

Regulates sebum production

By helping to retain moisture in the skin, Niacinamide can help to reduce the overproduction of oil. This as a result can help to reduce blemishes


Niacinamide is well tolerated by many skin types, it’s also extremely versatile and pairs well with most other active ingredients.

Ingredient origin:

Vitamin B3

Works well with:        

Salicylic Acid/ Azelaic Acid/ Hyaluronic Acid 

Time to see results:

After 2-4 weeks of consistent use twice a day, you should start to see the benefits of Niacinamide, but this can vary from person to person

Impact on sun sensitivity:

Niacinamide has no impact on increasing sun sensitivity. However, we would still advise applying an SPF every day to protect your skin from UV damage and avoid potentially undoing the positive effects of your Clear Skin journey.


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