Fact File: 


WHat is it for:

Sulfur helps to target blemishes by breaking down the build-up of dead skin cells, absorbing excess oil, and soothing redness caused by irritation.

When to use:

AM or PM when experiencing breakouts.

Active ingredient benefits:

Keratolytic Agent

The 'Kera' part refers to Keratin and 'Lytic' means breakdown. Sulfur breaks down Keratin to make the skin more susceptible to cell turnover (shedding of dead skin cells and replacement with new cells), helping to promote clearer skin.


Minimal Irritation

Users should expect little to no irritation as Sulfur is one of the few blemish-targeting ingredients that doesn't sensitise the skin.

Decongest Pores

Helps to breakdown matter such as excess oils and dirt within your pores which may lead to blemishes.

Ingredient origin:

Sulfur is a natural element, but when synthetic, it can optimise efficacy.

Works well with:        

Salicylic Acid/ Niacinamide

Time to see results:

Long-term benefits may be seen after 8 weeks of consistent use.

Impact on sun sensitivity:

Sulfur has no impact on the skin's sensitivity to the sun. However, it is advised to still apply SPF daily.


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